How many things a baby needs? *ENG*


WHEN: 25th August, 15th September, 20th October, 24th November, 15th December

START: 6pm

DURATION: 1,5-2 hours

WHERE: EBUU pokojíček store, Bělehradská 36, Praha 

349 Kč
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Are you expecting your first baby and you have been feeling lost in the quantities and types of products? So what will you really need and what is just a marketing of the brands that are trying to sell more? When you ask your friends, each one will tell you and advise you something else. Maybe you can get a few Excel spreadsheets, or even books. Even if you take the time to study it all, you will find out that you have some vague idea, but it is still not enough. In addition, it will take you up to tens of hours to go around the stores to check the products.

For all the clever future parents who want to save tens of hours, thousands of crowns and especially, to make their own opinion, there are EBUU workshops.

Come to us to get your own point of view on things and get to know the new world slowly. In an hour and a half or two, we will discuss the issues of newborn's and infant's equipment together and nicely from the beginning. We will tell you everything, not only about all the basic equipment, but also about practical tips and acquisition options. Plus, you can ask us anything you care about!

In order to guarantee the attention to each participant, the workshops are conducted in a small group of five people plus the lecturer.

Workshops take place at the EBUU pokojíček store at Bělehradská street 36, Prague 2.


ATTENTION: the workshop will be hold online in case of government regulation.

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